Landscaping at home

Our landscape chippings are ideal as a border cover in loose-fill form. They make ideal pathway or patio surfaces in a resin bound form. So if you are too busy to weed, and want a light, bright and easy mulch, our landscape rubber is right for you.

  • Weed Suppressant

    Our rubber surfacing not only suppresses weed growth but also ensures a low-maintenance and clean environment, enhancing the overall comfort and enjoyment.

  • Permeable

    Drainage is a big problem for urban areas. Our rubber surfacing (including resin bound) is completely permeable meaning waters drains away with no puddling or pooling.

  • Maintenance

    Our products require minimal maintenance and the rubber keeps it colour for many years. It also does not require an annual top up, leaving you with a product that lasts.

  • Recyclable

    Our recycled chippings are a long-lasting alternative to traditional bark and mulch. Our products do not rot, blow away or need any topping up – making them an affordable and long-lasting product.

  • Clean

    The rubber surfacing is very easy to clean and can be hosed and brushed to remove dirt when wanted.

  • Sturdy

    Chippings often blow away or rot, our rubber surfacing does neither. It maintains its form, not rotting or decomposing and does not blow away.

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Concrete Base Repurposing

The result was a stunning centrepiece for their garden. This is a year-round usable outdoor room that adds value and prestige to  their property. Our clients were delighted with the finished result, it had exceeded their expectations and is now a favourite part of the garden.

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Cityscape Roof Garden

We have recently been asked for a solution on top of an office block in Liverpool City Centre - The Stanley Hall building has now been extensively remodelled with contemporary architectural features and renamed Honeycomb. We were tasked with turning an unsightly rooftop into a modern and contemporary space to relax and socialise.

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