Area Calculator

Economy Rubber Chippings Coverage

small handy bag - approx 20kg - covers approx 1 sq meter at 5cm depth.

medium bulk bag - approx 400kg - covers approx 20 sq meters at 5cm depth.

large bulk bag - approx 500kg - covers approx 25 sq meters at 5cm depth.

x-large bulk bag - approx 600kg - covers approx 30 sq meters at 5cm depth.



    600kg bulk bag - covers approx 30 square metres to a depth of approx 50mm.

    One tonne covers 50 square metres at 50mm depth. A 20m x 40m arena will require approximately 10 tonnes for top up, and 20 tonnes for a 50mm layer on new arenas (on top of silica sand).

    How do I work out my square meterage?

    Circle - A=πr2

    Square - A=a2

    Rectangle - A=wxl

    Equilateral triangle - A = a² * √3 / 4

    Isosceles triangle -  A = ½ b * h

     *depth of coverage will vary with ground undulations, these depths assume a fairly level base