Terracotta Rubber Chippings (Michelle) - Safer Surfacing

Safer Surfacing was brought to life in 2001 in the UK by our passion for reuse and wanting to create a more sustainable future. We are a family run business with over 75 years of experience between us. We started as a small company, launching with two core products, our rubber chipping and bark and steadily grew from there. 

Throughout our history, our reputation for producing high quality recycled rubber products has ensured continued growth and in turn reinvestment into new product development. As a UK-based organisation we appreciate the importance of supporting home-grown businesses to build future success for the UK manufacturing industry. The people we have worked with speaks volumes for the reputation of our brand. As well as leading retailers our expert team has also worked with: high profile football clubs, leading golf clubs, polo grounds, royal estates, public event show grounds, local authorities throughout the UK, major tourist attractions, including Harry Potter World.

We have created revolutionary recycled products for a variety of surfaces. The products are created from 100% recycled tyres and are transformed into exciting landscaping, equestrian and play area rubber surfaces, which can suppress weeds, retain ground moisture, prevent soil compaction and improve drainage. 

Further contributing to closed loop recycling, we encourage customers to return our product to us, if they no longer need it. Upon request we will send you the correct number of bags needed to be able to return the product to us. The rubber will then be put back into the recycling process to create new products for reuse. This ensures that we are contributing to a circular economy and not the pollution of our earth.