PayPal Pay in 3

Buy now and pay in 3, it has never been easier!

PayPal Pay in 3 is a payment method allowing you to buy now and split your payments over 3 instalments. The first payment must be made at the time of purchase and the two subsequent payments are to be made on the same date in the following months.

Pay in 3 is a credit agreement, therefore careful consideration is needed to decide whether the purchase is affordable and how repayments will be made. Be aware of the possible impact of using Pay in 3 and of missing payments, including making other borrowing more difficult or more expensive.


More about PayPal Pay in 3

  • You will need to spend between £30 - £2000 to be eligible to pay using PayPal Pay in 3. 
  • There is no interest, fees or charges for choosing to pay with PayPal Pay in 3.
  • Your credit history will be checked before your order is confirmed, to ensure that you are eligible to pay using PayPal Pay in 3. Please note this means your application to pay using this method may be rejected, if your credit history is not satisfactory. 
  • If you miss a repayment, it may make it more difficult or expensive to obtain further credit from PayPal and other lenders.
  • We want our customers to shop responsibly 


How do I pay using PayPal Pay in 3? 

  • At checkout choose PayPal, then select Pay in 3. 
  • After selecting Pay in 3, you can apply for a Pay in 3 plan in a few steps, with an instant decision and if approved, proceed to checkout. 
  • Your first instalment will need to be paid at checkout at the time of purchase. Your remaining two instalments will need to be paid on the same date of purchase over the next 2 months. 



PayPal Pay in 3 is an independent payment provider and Safer Surfacing has no say over whether your payment with PayPal Pay in 3 is accepted or not. If you need help please contact PayPal customer service and they will be able to assist you.