Pet surfacing

Rubber is ideal for chicken runs and reptile terrariums due to its soft, non-abrasive texture, providing a comfortable surface for pets. It offers excellent traction, promoting stability, and is easy to clean, maintaining a hygienic environment.

  • Weed Suppressant

    Our rubber surfacing not only suppresses weed growth but also ensures a low-maintenance and clean environment, enhancing the overall comfort and enjoyment.

  • Permeable

    Drainage is a big problem for urban areas. Our rubber surfacing (including resin bound) is completely permeable meaning waters drains away with no puddling or pooling.

  • Maintenance

    Our products require minimal maintenance and the rubber keeps it colour for many years. It also does not require an annual top up, leaving you with a product that lasts.

  • Recyclable

    Our recycled chippings are a long-lasting alternative to traditional bark and mulch. Our products do not rot, blow away or need any topping up – making them an affordable and long-lasting product.

  • Clean

    The rubber surfacing is very easy to clean and can be hosed and brushed to remove dirt when wanted.

  • Sturdy

    Chippings often blow away or rot, our rubber surfacing does neither. It maintains its form, not rotting or decomposing and does not blow away.

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Chicken Run

Our rubber chippings are used as a safe, clean and colourful alternative to chicken run floors and take away the sticky, messy mud-clad result that the Great British weather can have on your chickens feet.

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Animal Rescue Center

When we were approached by the Wallasey animal rescue centre to help them transform a long and overgrown garden area we were delighted to be able to help. They wanted to create an economic and attractive garden area that can be used by families when viewing the cats being rehoused.

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