3 reasons to consider rubber chippings when landscaping your garden

3 reasons to consider rubber chippings when landscaping your garden

1. Rubber chippings are good for the environment

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At the heart of everything we do, we are recyclers. Our business ethos is all about taking waste materials and revaluing them. On a typical day, approximately 100,000 tyres come to the end of their working life. These tyres will go for incineration abroad, or even to landfill. For us, this is not the best way to dispose of this waste material. We recycle and separate the waste tyres into wire, fines and rubber chippings.
The 20mm rubber chippings are then sealed and coloured, creating a useful product. The rubber chippings are fantastic for landscaping and playgrounds.
Rather than burn the waste tyres we reuse, revalue and repurpose them.

2. Rubber chippings are good for your wallet

When considering materials for gardens and pathways, people tend to think of wood chip. Wood chip is a biodegradable product so will rot down in due course. This means that you will have to top up your area often. Our rubber chippings have some amazing qualities:
  • They do not rot
  • The chippings will last for years
  • Being rubber they keep some of the suns heat
  • Our rubber chippings do not fade
  • Being made by recycling tyres they do not blow away
  • The chippings are polyurethane coloured so keep their colour
  • They are inert and non-toxic (that is why chicken keepers love them for their coops)
    We sell the chippings in handy 20kg bags, in larger bulk bags and even in bulk loads via tipper trucks. Whatever area you need to cover, we have a solution that meets all your needs. You can check out our range here.

    3. Rubber Chippings are good for your garden

    Great for landscaping, weed control and adding colour to garden areas - 
    • Require no annual topping up
    • Requires minimal maintenance
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