Garden Landscaping with classic rubber chipping

Garden Landscaping with classic rubber chipping


Our client asked us to help them to cover an unsightly area in their garden.  They had a space that they wanted to use to display their collection of upcycled containers in.They needed a ground cover that kept the weeds at bay and also one that brought in an element of colour and texture.


We decided upon using our new 10mm chipping as a suitable ground cover for the area and the following steps were taken by the client:

  1. Firstly, the area was cleared of weeds and rocks etc. and then a good quality weed suppressant membrane was laid and pegged in place
  2. The client received 500kg of our Terracotta 10mm chip in a bulk bag and simply wheelbarrowed the chipping into place
  3. The chipping was then raked level and the clients upcycled containers were put in place


The result was a really impactful ground cover area that will keep the weeds at bay. The area also has a unique colour and feel to it. The client noted that the Terracotta colour stands out so well and looks incredibly vibrant after rain. A good job done!

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