Classic Recycled Rubber Chippings, a Fantastic Garden Landscaping Material

Classic Recycled Rubber Chippings, a Fantastic Garden Landscaping Material

Recycled rubber chipping makes a fantastic garden landscaping material

This is our classic recycled rubber chipping. Made from 100% rubber and completely free from fibre and wire. This dense material makes the perfect garden landscape material that rivals traditional gravel.

The classic chippings are light and weather fast, thanks to the polyurethane coating. You can create your perfect ground cover with the chippings as you can mix the colours to suit your design.

A superb ground cover

The classic recycled rubber chippings are a fantastic alternative to traditional stone and gravel. With tyres shipped abroad for landfill, Safer Surfacing provides an alternative use. The chippings are an innovative landscaping material.

A customer from Wirral used the classic rubber chippings to add a colourful ground cover under their arbour. As passionate recyclers, the chippings fitted with the customer’s vision for their garden. Their recycling included the wood for the arbour and all the containers and benches.

The classic recycled rubber chippings make an ideal border mulch too, as they absorb the suns warmth. The chippings are laid onto a weed suppressant membrane to a depth of 40mm. This means that they act as a brilliant weed blocker, whilst also very pleasant to walk on.

How much will I need ?

You can use our area calculator to work out how much you need. We sell these in either single colours or a mixture of colours if you prefer, and this does not affect the cost in any way.

Where can I buy them?

Take a look at our products to see how much the chippings are and what quantity you can buy them in. The classic rubber chippings are now in stock and available on for standard or next day delivery service too!

Can I try before I buy?

We would be happy to send you a free sample of the chippings. Please do get in touch or call us on 0151 357 1391 and one of our team will be happy to help you.

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