Equestrian Rubber Chippings

Equestrian rubber chippings

Made from recycled car, truck and lorry tyres, Safer Ride is an equestrian surface manufactured by shredding and granulating tyres down to a 15-20mm chip.


• Minimizes leg concussion and protects horses feet and tendons
• Resists frost so the arena can be used all year round
• Very little maintenance or annual replenishment required
• Will not rot, decompose or blow away
• Gives sure footing
• The fibre within the chips prolongs moisture retention and reduces surface movement
• Improves drainage

How much will I need?

• 20mx20m = approximately 10 tonnes +
• 20m x 40m = approximately 20 tonnes +
• 20m x 60m = approximately 30 tonnes +

Rubber is usually added on top of the sand within your arena. 

The usual requirement for this product is a large volume and as such getting the logistics right before despatch is vital. Please call and speak to an advisor who can discuss the best method and vehicle to use. Collections can also be made.

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