Manufacture and design of flooring for a major tourist attraction

We really proved we are no muggles when we were asked to design, manufacture and install the flooring for the major tourist attraction Harry Potter studio tours in Watford.

We had several months of intensive development work just to get the bespoke colouring for the flooring right!

The flooring was made from our recycled rubber mulch material, so not only does it give a forest feel with its look and texture, it's also a safety flooring.

The design team of Watford were delighted with the forest flooring work we carried out for them!
The material was laid as a rubber mulch bound together, which is then trowelled and floated into place.

The mulch is a very versatile and long lasting surfacing material. Ready to withstand the footfall of the thousands of tourists a month that Warner Brother Harry Potter studio tours gains!

We had a fantastic time creating and installing this bespoke flooring, plus the Watford studio team were a delight to work with.

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