SureFoot Fibre Surfacing

SureFoot Fibre Surfacing

New for 2019!

Safer Surfacing now produce a sustainable, safe, high quality equestrian fibre surface.

Safer Surfacing have invested significantly in manufacturing to ensure the highest quality, cleanest and most sustainable products are produced here at our factory in the North West.

In our research we discovered the significant impact of waste carpet on the environment, along with the clear benefits recycled carpet material gave to equestrian facilities.

What is SureFoot Fibre Surfacing?

SureFoot is our sand-free, safe, economical and environmentally friendly equestrian fibre surfacing. With 30 years of experience selling equestrian surfacing, we are delighted to be able to offer this fantastic new product.

What preparation is needed for Fibre Surfacing?

Equestrian fibre surfacing is a sand-free surface, meaning it only needs a non-woven geotextile membrane on top of a solid flat base surface. The fibre is delivered baled, on pallets, so needs a fork truck or similar on site to be unloaded. To lay the fibre, bring the baled fibre into the arena and spread roughly to a depth of 3 inches both with a machine and by hand with rakes (making sure you remove all wire that hold the bales together.) Heavy roll the base fibre breaking up any high points with rakes and fork and re-roll until it is roughly level.

Why is SureFoot fibre a great surface?

  • Does not restrict the horses footing 

  • Does not freeze

  • Interlocking fibres provide sure footing 

  • Hard wearing 

  • Cost effect 

  • Long lasting 

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Can ride on straight after installation 


How can I find out more?

Check out our SureFoot fibre surfacing here, or speak to our friendly, experienced team who are always happy to help.

Hannah Jones