Equestrian Arena Surfacing

Although having an equestrian arena isn’t the most important thing when it comes to owning horses, it is a very useful tool which has come to be a staple part of many equestrians’ daily routine. With the correct foundations and the right surface, a good arena can last you a lifetime.

Autumn and winter

We are now coming into the autumn/winter period and we can expect the increasingly unpredictable British weather to be upon us soon.

Safety and Comfort

Having an arena can make riding at this time of year a lot easier. Heavy rain and snow can make the roads quite dangerous being slippery. This is compounded with the issue of bad visibility. Ultimately, hacking out has taken a back seat for a while! Even riding in fields can be hard, with the ground being thick with mud or completely frozen!

Having an arena can help – a lot. A well prepared and maintained arena is safe to ride and with the addition of our rubber chippings the surface won’t get icy or frozen, unlike the roads or fields anyway! You can put lights up, either fixed or portable, which makes riding after work or school a lot less hassle.

There are many different types of surfaces to choose from when it comes to arenas and these days’ arenas are getting a lot more affordable to build and surface. With that in mind, a mix of sands and rubber are the most cost-effective way to surface an arena.

This surface also gives you a good all-round performance, offering good footing in all-weather at any time of the year. Whilst we equestrians don’t like to think too much about it, we do occasionally fall off, and speaking from experience, rubber/sand mix is the most comfortable to fall on! For indoor arenas, it is always essential to have a good watering system to ensure the surface is suitably watered down.

A rubber surface can minimise the risk of leg injuries to the horse and offer a good support, especially when jumping as it can cushion the impact of the landing, even during the frosty seasons. This really is a bonus as it allows year-round training!

A well-maintained arena can last you a lifetime, and provide a safe and durable place to ride. And as it’s made of recycled rubber it’s giving a second life to one of the worlds most difficult to dispose of products – used vehicle tyres.

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