Equestrian Rubber

Equestrian Rubber

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Safer Surfacing Equestrian rubber

Having invested significant time and effort creating your ideal equestrian arena, you will want to make sure you have a perfect riding surface.

The traditional arena or menage topping can be silica sand, which initially looks good and rides well, but after heavy use or prolonged periods of rain you may find it riding too deep, with the creation of ruts and pits.

This is where our recycled equestrian rubber surface truly comes into its own. Used as a top up material specifically for arenas and menages, Safer Surfacing equestrian rubber is an ideal solution.

How it is made

We have two types of rubber for your equestrian arena; recycled tyre chippings and the slightly cheaper recycled automotive rubber chippings;

Equestrian rubber from recycled tyre chippings

Safer Surfacing manufacture the equestrian rubber by recycling used vehicle tyres using a shredding and granulating process to produce a 15mm to 20mm chip.

Equestrian tyre chippings

Equestrian rubber from recycled automotive rubber

Safer Surfacing manufacture the equestrian automotive rubber by recycling automotive rubber (such as door trim etc.) using a shredding and granulating process to produce a 15mm to 20mm chip. This is a lighter and less dense product.

Automotive rubber chippings

If you would like a sample of our equestrian rubber then please do call or email us and we will happily send a sample to you.

Key benefits

There are many benefits to using Safer Surfacing equestrian rubber and these include;

  • Minimising leg concussion risk by offering a level of protection for feet and tendons
  • The equestrian rubber resists frost to around -5 degrees giving a truly year round riding experience
  • Very little maintenance as or annual replenishment as the rubber does not decompose, break down or blow away
  • The chipping aids surface drainage.

How much will I need?

For topping up a tired sand or wood chip based surface you will need the following: (please note these are based on having a 50mm top up to the area)

20 x 20m requires approximately 10 tonnes
20 x 40m requires approximately 20 tonnes

Therefore a 100m square area requires approximately 2.5 tonnes of equestrian rubber.

How is it delivered?

You can order both versions of the equestrian rubber in a bulk bag via our online shop.

Bulk load orders

Here at Safer Surfacing we use third party couriers to deliver our equestrian rubber and this is usually in the form of an 8 wheeler tipper which can typically carry 16 – 18 tonnes. We can advise delivery costs based on the haulier available and the address of the arena. The rubber is loaded onto the vehicle using a large bucket on a tele-handler vehicle. It is important to note that suitable access is required on site to enable delivery and tipping.

Getting the logistics right for you is very important so do feel free to call one of our team on 0151 357 1391 and we will be happy to advise on any questions or concerns you may have.

We are also happy for customers to collect themselves from our premises – please telephone or email us to arrange. 0151 357 1391 or info@safersurfacing.co.uk

How is it laid?

After receiving the equestrian rubber you will simply need to spread it across the surface and the harrow it into place.

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