Hygiene – A key benefit of rubber chipping for your chickens!

Hygiene – A key benefit of rubber chipping for your chickens!

With Christmas now over and the New Year just beginning, winter is well and truly in full swing and bringing with it the usual mixture of miserable damp weather followed by some lovely wintery frosty weather!

Unfortunately for our feathered friends this winter won’t be spent out in the gardens enjoying this typical British winter weather, but rather indoors, safe and secure from the current risk of AI (Avian influenza).

Avian Influenza website information

DEFRA has ordered all domestic and poultry birds to be kept inside or kept as separate from wild birds as much as possible, along with making sure other biosecurity measures have been taken. Here is a link to the Defra website which lists all the right steps to take to ensure your birds are protected and kept safe, also with the latest updates of cases in the UK: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu

Recycled rubber chippings for chickens!

With confirmed cases now in the UK it’s important we do everything possible to minimize any risks as much as possible. One way  doing this is by using our rubber chipings, unlike wood chip or sand it can be easily disinfected and cleaned. As it’s rubber and specially coated it won’t hold on to the moisture like wood chip does, nor will any excrement soak into it.

Our recycled rubber chippings are safe and non-toxic for both humans and birds alike being fully tested, also our coloured rubber chippings won’t rot away and you’re not having to throw away loads when cleaning out, which means you’ll only need a small top up every so often. So you know you’re giving your feathered friends the best value and quality product possible.

So treat yourself and keep your avian friends safe this winter and brighten up a dull season with our rubber chippings. We have seven different colours to choose from and you can also mix and match too!

Why not get in touch and see the recycled rubber chippings for chickens for yourself? We also have some lovely client feedback available on our website and you can follow us on instagram (@safersurfacing) and see our product in-situ with our lovely friends from @yorkshirefeathers who is also the organiser of the Chicken Keepers Consortium on there too!

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