Chicken run rubber – happy feet for chickens!

Chicken run rubber – happy feet for chickens!

Chickens deserve happy feet too! Chicken run rubber does the job!

Our rubber chippings are used as a safe, clean and colourful alternative to chicken run floors and take away the sticky, messy mud-clad result that the Great British weather can have on your chickens feet.

We have a passion for recycling and are really proud that our products are safe to use for all. We create safer surfaces for chicken runs, children’s’ play surfaces, landscaping projects, and even equestrian surfaces.

Our rubber chippings provide an excellent surface for your chicken runs:

  • They do not rot
  • The chippings do not blow away
  • Being inert they will pass through if ingested
  • Rubber chippings do not hold moisture
  • They dry very quickly
  • Chippings are easy to clean
  • They are very hygienic
  • Our chippings range are really colourful

Our rubber chippings are a very hygienic surface for your chickens, they do not absorb moisture so any mess that does land on them, dries quickly which is much more pleasant for the chickens.

Regular hosing down will keep the chippings at their best and provide a clean dust free environment for your chickens.

We can also supply a complete tyre that can be turned into a favourite pastime for chickens – a dust bath!

Meet Audrey, Blanche, and Cynthia!

Feedback is so important to us


“Some snaps of Audrey, Blanche and Cynthia Chicken checking out the new surface. And a before shot too, so you can see the improvement. They are very happy with their new floor and it’s nice and easy to hose down.

Cheers, Alix Wood”


If you want to give your chickens a real treat this winter, just get in touch and we would be delighted to help you!

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