The brand new Safer Surfacing website launches

The brand new Safer Surfacing website launches

The brand new Safer Surfacing website launches

Over the last couple of months we have been working on our new website development. Our old site has worked really hard for us but it was time to start afresh.

Our website development journey

When we decided it was time to build a new website we started by talking to our customers. At the end of the day, a website is just a tool that needs to be used for a purpose. With this in mind, we engaged our target audience and asked them what they wanted. The response we got was both helpful and insightful.

We then invested some time in developing our audience personas. This was to make sure we understood our product and services from our customers perspective, rather than from just our perspective. This process really helped us to shape our content, both written and visual.


We then went out to tender and selected Cyberfrog Design Ltd. Cyberfrog were friendly, approachable and most importantly they spoke to us in a language we understood. It was also very clear from the beginning that they would immerse themselves in our world in order to meet our development requirements.

The new website

The new site is now live and the initial feedback is really positive. The navigation is simple, the message is clear and the shopping experience is easy! We are really pleased that it is now complete – but this is just the starting point. We want to keep on listening to our viewers and will continue to make the digital experience with Safer Surfacing a pleasant and beneficial one.

Image of Safer surfacing home page

We have covered every sector we work with from local authorities to our fantastic army of chicken keepers! Our new case studies page will continue to be populated with examples of how our products and services have helped people and businesses alike.

Safer surfacing case studies page

Our new blog page will continue to offer tips and advice on a range of surfacing topics including selecting the right surface for your budget and need. We have also recently blogged about our ongoing support for Chester Zoo!

Why not take a look and let us know what you think? We would be delighted to hear from you!