Concrete Base Repurposing

Concrete Base Repurposing

Concrete Base Repurposing


To transform an ugly concrete base that was once a cattery! The base was unsightly and taking up a lot of space, and the clients were struggling for ideas to make the area usable and attractive, without the enormous task of digging it up. After an initial meeting to discuss the issue, we assured them that we would be able to transform the space into a usable and scenic part of their garden without the cost and inconvenience of having to remove the concrete. We showed the clients our ideas and they were more than happy to proceed.


After discussing the process with the client, and informing them of timescales and exactly what would be happening, we began the process of delivering a beautiful and usable space.

  1. Firstly, we applied resin bound rubber as a sub-base for artificial grass
  2. We then built in drainage channels to ensure that the grass would not puddle in the rain.
  3. The clients had stated that they would like to have a hot tub on this area and so we created a wet pour (1-4mm rubber crumb) base area for it
  4. To finish the job, and ensure it blended in with the rest of their garden, we applied good quality, affordable artificial grass
  5. We then handed the garden back to the clients so they could put their beloved hot tub in place







The result was a stunning centrepiece for their garden. This is a year-round usable outdoor room that adds value and prestige to  their property. Our clients were delighted with the finished result, it had exceeded their expectations and is now a favourite part of the garden.