Landscaping – our latest project

Landscaping – our latest project

Landscaping – our latest project

Our latest Landscaping Project

When we talk about landscaping we tend to think of large gardens with expansive vistas etc. Our latest project here at Safer Surfacing sees us adding value and colour to an inner city office roof garden! Our recycled landscape rubber chippings were an ideal solution.

Cityscape Roof Garden

We have recently been asked for a solution on top of an office block in Liverpool City Centre – The Stanley Hall building has now been extensively remodelled with contemporary architectural features and renamed Honeycomb. We were tasked with turning an unsightly rooftop into a modern and contemporary space to relax and socialise. The brief was quite clear; the client was looking for the following:

  • A decorative material that would improve the aesthetic of the area
  • Long-lasting and lightweight material
  • Material that wouldn’t hold moisture
  • Good insulating material
  • Soundproofing material
  • A material that had a cushion effect if someone tripped or fell.

Quite a list of requirements isn’t it! It didn’t end there either – the material also needed to be cost effective and quick and simple to fit.

The answer came in the form of our coloured rubber chippings! These are made entirely from tyres that we recycle right here in Cheshire and our process sees them turned from an environmentally difficult material to dispose of into a recycled product that meets all of our clients needs.

Recycled Rubber with many uses!

Our rubber chippings are available in many forms and are an innovative use of rubber that has many applications including:

  • Landscaping (as a loose chipping or bound material)
  • Playground safety surfaces
  • Equestrian surfaces
  • Chicken coops
  • Bowling greens (as an alternative to sand in gulley’s)
  • As an addition to soil to reinvigorate lawns
  • As a decorative craft material

Recycled rubber with many qualities!

When used in a landscaping setting the permeable material allows the rainwater to seep quickly through the rubber and into the soil structure, with the added benefit of the rubber covering the soil there is a slower process of the rainwater drying out.

This provides less watering of your flower beds/borders, and allows the nutrient within the soil to stay.

The landscape rubber chippings are a very good weed suppressant, because they do not hold water on the surface so there is less possibility of any seed germination taking place, so a lot less weeding is needed!

It does not need annual replacement so it is low maintenance and cost effective!

With our vibrant colours available, even in the dullest of months your landscaping project will look bright and vibrant.

For more information on how we can transform spaces for you please feel free to get in touch.