Bowling Green Ditch fill

Bowling Green Ditch fill


Have you got a material that lasts for years, doesn’t puddle, won’t scratch the woods and won’t break the lawnmower blades?

Yes we answered… Welcome to our bowling green ditch fill.

We manufacture our bowling green ditch fill by shredding and granulating tyres. This rubber would otherwise be incinerated or even landfilled overseas.


The bowling green ditch fill is loaded into 20kg bags that can be shipped by a reputable courier or on a curtain sider vehicle. The bags are on pallets and the haulier leaves the pallet on a hard, flat surface.

A typical bowling green will require 50 x 20kg bags to fill all four ditches.


The client has had their bowling green ditch fill in place for several years now and it is still looking and working fine. The key benefits include:

  1. A long lasting product
  2. Soft, safe and inert
  3. Does not rot or blow away
  4. Allows water to soak through
  5. Doesn’t puddle
  6. Dries quickly
  7. Causes no hard if caught under the lawnmower blades
  8. Doesn’t scratch the woods.
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