Which safety surface is best for me? – part one 20mm rubber chipping

Here at Safer Surfacing, we get many enquiries from schools, nurseries, councils and the general public. The common theme is around safety surfaces, and want to know which is the right surface for them.
Which surface is best for me?
This series of blogs explains the benefits of each surface option.
Here at Safer Surfacing we manufacture supply and install the following safety surfaces:
  • Rubber crumb (1-4mm rubber crumb bound with resin, also known as wetpour)
  • Rubber mulch (shredded rubber made to look like natural mulch).

Colour options

  • Green (available as 20mm chippings, rubber mulch, and rubber crumb)
  • Blue (available as 20mm chippings and rubber crumb)
  • Dark Plum (available as 20mm chippings and rubber crumb)
  • Black (available as 20mm chippings, rubber mulch, and rubber crumb)
  • Terracotta (available as 20mm chippings, rubber mulch, and rubber crumb)
  • Brown (available as 20mm chippings, rubber mulch, and rubber crumb)
  • Grey (available as 20mm chippings and rubber crumb)
  • Premium Purple (available as 20mm chippings only)

20mm Chipping

In this first blog, we will be explaining about our 20mm chipping product.

What is 20mm chipping?

20mm chipping is a surfacing product made from vehicle tyres. The rubber chippings are 8 to 20mm in size. Our entire range of rubber chippings is polyurethane coloured and sealed.


Resin bound 20mm chipping

Loose fill 20mm chipping


A key benefit of the 20mm chipping, either as a loose fill or a resin bound, is the surface preparation is minimal.
You can apply the 20mm chippings over almost any surface. This includes flagstones, concrete, tarmac, MOT type 1 and grass.
The process for applying over grass is simple:
  • mark out the area
  • cut the grass very short
  • apply a weed killer to the area
  • lay a weed suppressant membrane
  • lay the chippings over it.
The chippings are laid to a depth of 40mm upwards; depending on critical fall height.
When laying resin bound surface without a wooden edge, create a ‘V’ groove around the perimeter. The rubber can be laid into the ‘V’ – giving a safe edge without the risk of a trip hazard or curling of the safety surface.

diagram of 20m chipping surface preparation

Where is 20mm chipping used?

The 20mm chipping product range is used as a loose fill material or as a resin bound application. It is for the likes of play areas in public parks, pathways and in schools and day nurseries. It is also ideal for the domestic garden space as is is so light, cost-effective and simple to install.
If you would like more information on the 20mm chipping or would like a free sample then please do get in touch.
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