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As a family owned business we take great pride in all of our recycled rubber products and we know that play time should be fun, exploratory, inclusive and safe.

We also know that in a digital age it is good to have a play space that is inviting, colourful and hard wearing, so that children can get the balance between digital fun and education and outdoor fun and education.


We live in an age where safety is taken very seriously and play surfaces play a critical part in this. All of our recycled rubber products for use in play are critical fall height certified (you can read more about this here). It doesn’t matter if you are using our loose fill play chippings or our resin bound rubber bark – they are all certified as a fall attenuating surface in accordance with British Standards EN 1177:2008.

If any of the chipping are ingested by children or pets, do not worry as it is an inert and non-toxic substance that should pass through naturally.

Key benefits

Safer Surfacing recycled rubber play bark and chippings are made from recycled vehicle tyres and are polyurethane coloured which creates a high quality coloured rubber chip that is safe, clean and hard wearing.

Being rubber, the chippings retain a little of the sun’s heat so they dry out quickly and being a permeable material there is no risk of puddling or flooding. This means more play time for your children!

Children grow up quickly and with our play chipping having such a long working life you may find that you want to change your garden around once the children have finished with the play area. You can use the rubber play bark and chipping as a garden border weed suppressant, so it really is a multi-use product.

We have a range of seven colours available for our rubber chippings and crumb, and you can even mix them up to get a unique colour just for your play area.

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Plum
  • Terracotta
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black

Our recycled rubber mulch is available in green, brown, black and terracotta, and these can be mixed also.

How is it laid?

Laying a loose fill rubber play chipping surface is really simple. Firstly, lay a good quality geotextile membrane over the area you are covering. Then it is just a case of emptying the chippings and raking it level – simple!

If you require a resin bound play surface then please call us on 0151 357 1391 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to advise.

What other play surfaces are there?

We also manufacture, supply and install our 1-4mm ‘wetpour’ play surface. This is made from 100% recycled rubber that has been granulated to a 1-4mm size and is then polyurethane coloured.

We also have a recycled rubber mulch, which is made to look like a forest floor material -again, this can be loose fill or resin bound and comes in our fantastic range of 7 colours.

How much does my play area need?

This is a question that we get asked quite often and we have made a handy area calculator to help you work out your requirements.

We work on the basis that a 20kg bag of our 20mm play chipping will cover one square meter to a depth of 50mm.

How are the play chippings delivered?

The recycled rubber play chipping are available in a range of sizes from a very handy 20kg bag right up to 600 kg bulk bags and you can even have a tipper truck loose filled!

For full details on our delivery please follow this link.

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