Rubber mulch – the Daily Mile solution!

resin bound rubber bark in play area

With the latest round of sports premium being available this month, many schools are thinking about the optimal way of implementing it.

With outdoor play being so fundamental in a child’s overall development, investing in a usable year-round outdoor surface is ideal. This blog via NCT highlights the importance of early years outdoor activity.

Many schools face the issue of having outdoor space, but it becomes unusable during wet weather. Having a bespoke surface installed can be costly and disruptive. Knowing what options are available are important. Understanding the benefits and features of safety surfaces helps schools to make an informed decision.

Recycled rubber bark play surface

Recycled rubber mulch from Safer Surfacing

Safer Surfacing specialise in the revaluing of end of life vehicle tyres. Through significant experience and investment, we have produced a recycling and manufacturing line for used vehicle tyres. Our process shreds, granulates and separates the materials. The result is a range of rubber chippings from 1-3 mm right up to 8-20 mm in size. We clean, colour and seal the chippings. Used in a range of commercial uses, the chippings are soft, safe and long lasting.


There are many benefits of using our recycled rubber mulch. This is a fantastic play and landscaping material that is very natural looking. The chippings are ideal in schools, gardens and many other areas as a resin bound surface. This material also has minimal surface preparation requirements. The recycled rubber mulch is an ideal surface as a resin bound material or a loose fill option.


What is the major benefit for my school?

One of the most beneficial aspects of our rubber mulch is the minimal surface preparation required. A typical example would be the making of a daily mile track in a field. The illustration shows just how simple it is to prepare. There is no need for expensive groundworks such as a compacted stone sub-base. We lay the rubber mulch directly on to a weed suppressant membanre placed ove rthe grass. There is also no need for a wooden or concrete edge to your path. The perimeter of your path can be “V” grooved and the resin bonded rubber mulch is poured into the V groove. This eliminates curling or unwanted trip hazards.

rubber mulch installation guide

The rubber mulch is critical fall height certified, so you can rest assured that it will meet any safety requirements you have.


With 100,000 tyres coming to the end of their working life every day in the UK, we all have a responsibility to dispose of these in a sensible manner. Our method of reusing and revaluing a waste material is something that we are proud of. The tyres on your car will have kept your family safe, and with our recycling process – they will keep children’s play areas safe too.

There are other materials on the market today, such as EPDM. They too meet the requirements of a safety play surface, but they use virgin rubber in their manufacture. For us, this is just not helping the issue of waste tyres.


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