Safer Surfacing Wood Fibre

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Equestrian Wood Fibre

1000L bulk bag of equestrian wood fibre

Produced from fresh, British-grown timber, mainly sustainable softwoods such as pine, spruce and fir, by A W Jenkinson.

The chipping and screening process by A W Jenkinson produces a woodfibre that has a consistent particle size, giving it a very low sawdust content and no oversize chips.

Safer Surfacing woodfibre is a natural product, free from any possibility of contamination by metals, plastics or glass.

Use of Safer Surfacing woodfibre provides vital protection for your valued horses and ponies.

Delivered via our pallet delivery network.

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Bulk orders

Bulk orders are available.

A 40 x 20m arena will require 200m3 of fibre, which after rolling will compact down to a depth of about 150mm.

• Despatch is by a modern, reliable fleet of artic walking-floor trailers, tippers or 8-wheeler rigid lorries.

• Drivers are experienced in delivering woodfibre to gallop and arena construction sites.

For arenas we recommend Safer Surfacing woodfibre is loose laid to a depth of 250mm. 

For help with bulk orders, including delivery options, or to request a free sample please call 0151 357 1391 or 0782 333 4540 and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can email us at