Resin Bound Rubber Mulch

Our Resin Bound Rubber Mulch surface is a mixture of small, pine needle-like rubber strips and small rubber chips, making it perfect for a bound application. It makes an excellent playground flooring. Our unique colorant system provides a very high quality coating with excellent results.

The beauty of our rubber mulch is that it is useable as a resin bound surface, to create a solid safety surface with added benefits. These include:

- excellent drainage
- no maintenance
- no movement
- long lasting surface, that stays in one place

Contact us for a quote; we have an excellent team of installers that pride themselves on delivering a service tailor made for each customer. In most cases no edging is require, simply taper the edge and secure the bark under the surrounding surfaces insert a channel into the surrounding area.

Our resins are specifically developed for the use of bounding rubber, in the wetpour industry, which has been tried and tested over many years. This is not a new concept and a number of schools and nursery’s will have this playground flooring laid already. However our rubber mulch is an excellent alternative to wetpour which is very expensive. This application can be used in schools, nursery, parks and gardens.

There is very little preparation involved in laying our rubber mulch as the rubber can be laid on a solid base. The benefit of it being a permeable material means it dries quickly enabling playtime to be longer. No more puddles, which is great for the environment too, as we are all encourage to stop concreting our gardens to allow more rain water to soak into our gardens and parks. This will help hopefully to reduce the risk of flooding.

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