Playground Rubber Chippings

Our Playground rubber chippings are an innovative use of rubber as a loose fill premium safety surface. The chippings are coloured using our unique polyurethane colourant, which gives the playground rubber a high quality surface that is vibrant and hard wearing.

Rubber is a permeable material, which means it dries quickly enabling playtime to be longer. No more time wasted on waiting for the surface to dry.

Our playground chippings have been tested for a critical fall height of 1.1m at just a 50mm depth.

Once your children have grown out of the need for a playground surface, you can transfer the rubber to your borders, turning it into rubber landscape material to add an instant decorative colour to your flowerbeds, borders and pots.

Outdoor playground surfaces also benefit the environment too: as we are all encouraged to stop concreting our gardens and allow more rain water to soak into our soils, this could help reduce the risk of flooding.

Playground rubber surfacing is ideal for any garden, school or even great to use for instant colour in your houseplant pots.

How is it laid?

Installation of Safer Plaground Rubber Chippings couldn’t be easier. Firstly lay a good quality geo textile membrane over the area you are covering. Then it is just a case of emptying the bags and raking the material level - job done!

  • Loose fill rubber chippings

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