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Our landscape rubber chippings are an innovative use of recycled rubber for use as a long-lasting garden landscaping material.

A permeable solution to ground cover

As a permeable material the rainwater seeps quickly through the rubber and into the soil structure, with the added benefit of the rubber covering the soil there is a slower process of the rainwater drying out.

This provides less watering of your flower beds and borders, and allows the nutrients within the soil to stay. The landscape rubber chippings are a very good weed suppressant, because they do not hold water on the surface so there is less possibility of any seed germination taking place, so a lot less weeding.

A longlasting solution

It does not need annual replacement so it is low maintenance and cost effective!

With our vibrant colours it is not only your flowerbeds that will bring you garden to life - our landscape rubber chippings bring texture and colour to every area of your garden.

Year round colour

Even in the dullest of months your borders and flowerbeds will be the envy of all gardeners. Adding colour to your garden has never been so instant and you don’t even have to plant a flower or shrub, it’s so easy.

Multiple uses

Safer surfacing recycled rubber landscape chippings can be used in a variety of areas including rooftop terraces! The chippings provide a safe and colourful flooring that also adds a level of sound-proofing and insulation to the area, without adding too much weight. This is an ideal way of making a rooftop space colourful, safe and insulated, and as they are rubber they are frost resistant.

dark terracotta landscape rubber chipping
amethyst purple landscape rubber chipping
Onyx Black landscape rubber chipping
Earth Brown landscape rubber chipping
Sapphire Blue landscape rubber chipping

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