Resin Binder

Resin Binder


25kg keg of polyurethane resin binder.

Our resin ratios are:

  • Rubber crumb (wetpour) = 24%
  • Rubber mulch = 20%
  • 20mm rubber chip = 20%
  • Premium 10mm chip = 18%
  • SBR (sub-base) = 9%

Please note that the costs include VAT and delivery to a mainland UK postcode.

Please see our Guides page to see the Material Safety Data Sheet.

The resin binder will be shipped on a separate vehicle to the rubber product.

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Polyurethane resin binder is used to create a permanent and soft rubber surface. The resin ratios are as follows: (based on 100% weight of rubber i.e. 100kg of rubber mulch will require 20kg of resin binder). There are many very helpful YouTube videos on how to mix and lay resin bonded rubber surfaces.

Conditions of use:

Product not to be used outside the temperatures of 5c - 25c. The material to be bonded needs to be dry and free from moisture. Product must not be laid onto a wet surface. Product must not be laid during or immediately after rainfall. Moisture must be avoided to prevent faster curing time, swelling, poor bonding, and advanced discolouration. Please keep in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep the container tightly sealed. Please read the Safety Data Sheet carefully for all safety advice.

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