How much will I need?
When laid to a depth of 50mm your child is protected for a fall of up to 1.1 metres. We recommend laying 100mm around the play equipment, as the rubber can get displaced. To work out exactly how much you need please see our online area calculator. This will give provide you with the amount you require to the exact kilo! Call or email us with dimensions and requirements and we can tell the quantity you need.
How do I maintain it?
All our chippings are low maintenance products. An occasional rake over the area to ensure it looks tidy, and that the chips are uniformly spread. You can remove leaves and other debris using a hand blower. Annual replenishment isn’t needed as our chippings will not decompose or blow away.
What are your rubber chippings made from?
We make our chippings by recycling including car, lorry and truck tyres. Using our rubber chippings helps reduce tyre incineration. We recycle 100 per cent of the tyre – we even have uses for the fibre. Our playground rubber is 99.9% wire free and completely safe.
How long will it last?
Rubber will last at least 10 years. Colour will last around 2 years before any fading occurs. Most people will find it lasts a lot longer than this. Fading can occur due to chemical reactions from weed killers, pressure washing, extreme weather and persistent rain. all these are beyond our control. We, therefore, cannot guarantee a length of time the colour will stay vibrant.
Can the product stain my children’s clothing?
No, our colour coating does not wash off and, unlike wood bark materials, will not stain clothing.

Should I buy rubber chippings