Equestrian Wood Fibre Surfacing

Safer Surfacing Wood Fibre


Produced from fresh, British-grown timber, mainly sustainable softwoods such as pine, spruce and fir.

The chipping and screening process produces a woodfibre that has a consistent particle size, giving it a very low sawdust content and no oversize chips. Unlike cheaper woodfibre surfaces made from recycled timber (post-consumer and manufacturing waste), Safer Surfacing woodfibre is a natural product, free from any possibility of contamination by metals, plastics or glass.

Use of Safer Surfacing woodfibre provides vital protection for your valued horses and ponies. • Despatch is by a modern, reliable fleet of artic walking-floor trailers, tippers or 8-wheeler rigid lorries. • Drivers are experienced in delivering woodfibre to gallop and arena construction sites.


The original material of choice having been continuously supplied to professional and amateur users for almost 30 years. Its binding and compaction characteristics provide a firm yet shockabsorbing surface with reduced tracking-up and dust, making it ideal for hard-wearing arenas and gallops where intensive use occurs.

For arenas we recommend Safer Surfacing woodfibre is loose laid to a depth of 250mm. Laying to a shallower depth is false economy and not recommended. A 40 x 20m arena will require 200m3 of fibre, which after rolling will compact down to a depth of about 150mm.

We would be pleased to provide detailed advice on construction and put you in touch with a contractor. The aim of successful construction is to provide a firm, flat and free-draining base for the Safer Surfacing surface. This involves the use of a rolled stone sub-structure on which is laid a geotextile membrane to prevent stones working up to the surface. Safer Surfacing woodfibre is free-draining and low maintenance. Levelling and rolling ensures even wear and keeps an equal depth of fibre over the membrane. Woodfibre provides a firm yet yielding footing all year round, in dry, wet or frosty conditions. It provides great value over the life of the product. We recommend topping up at intervals to maintain the optimum compacted material depth.


A natural product which blends in with a natural landscaping. It gives a soft and clean tread and prevents path scars and erosion. It provides an easy, smooth surface for all types of vehicle. At a loose depth of 75mm, a 400m long section of 2m wide path would require just 60m3 of woodfibre.

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We now manufacture and supply SureFoot Fibre, for safe, stable and eco surfacing!