Customer Testimonials

"Fantastic product, this was the cheapest I had found it too and really good customer service. Thank you for helping transform our garden" - Kezia Corley via Facebook

"Really pleased with the end result and a super soft surface for the kids to land on!!" Mr. Dawling's

play rubber chip brown

"This product is superb and this company is exceptional. I've had chickens for over 17 years. Never thought a product like used recyceld car tyres in various colours existed. They look perfect; the chickens are now less stressed/cleaner and the chicken run/pen look like new. Highly rate the product and would seriously recommend the product to serious poultry keepers, like me..!" - Joe Ellis via Facebook 

"Chicken owners! Buy this stuff! I rescued some hens in Dec '16 and extensively researched the best coops/runs/bedding and flooring. The rubber chippings for chickens are brilliant! I wouldn't use anything else, wood chips can harbour spores that cause respiratory infections, gravel is so cold underfoot & I worried they'd eat it but the rubber chips hose down, dries quickly, looks fab and is nice and warm too. The perfect chicken run ground cover!" - Donna Dolittle via Facebook