Chicken Run

chicken run rubber chip surface

Rubber chippings for chicken runs

We are passionate about finding solutions for used vehicle tyres. We create rubber chippings for chicken runs, a popular product.

Rubber chipping for chickens is a hygienic surface for your chicken run floor. They are ideal both inside the chicken coop and outdoors in the chicken run.

Our customers believe in animal welfare and creating a safe and appealing environment. Our recycled rubber chipping for chickens proves to be a popular choice.

Key benefits

The chippings do not absorb moisture so any mess that does land on them dries. This is more hygienic for the chickens and is also easier for cleaning. A simple hose down will keep the chippings looking pristine!

The chippings do not rot or break down and are completely harmless if ingested (chickens tend to know what the should and shouldn’t eat too!).

Being a recycled rubber product the chippings also keep heat, ideal for those chilly winter days

The Safer Surfacing chicken chipping comes in a fantastic range of colours. You can mix these together to create a colourful floor area.

    • Green
    • Brown
    • Terracotta
    • Grey
    • Black

The rubber chippings also help to keep the mud at bay (this is the UK after all).

I only have a small chicken run

Our chipping for chickens can come in a handy 20kg bag and this will cover 1 square metre to a depth of 50mm. We also sell it in 400kg, 500kg and 600kg bulk bags – so no matter the area you have, we’ve got you covered!

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