Bowling Green Ditch Fill

Bowling Green Ditch Fill

Our bowling green ditch fill is light, economic, and long lasting! 

500kg bulk bag of recycled tyre chippings – delivered to your door

Safer Surfacing knows that bowling is a great sport and hobby for people of all ages. We also know the effort and care put into making a fantastic bowling green.

There are many types of bowling green ditch fill available and we will highlight some of them here.

Sand as a ditch fill

A lot of bowling clubs still use the traditional sand infill for their ditches. This can provide a soft landing area for the woods. The problem is with the Great British rainy weather the sand can compact and then puddle. Our recycled rubber ditch fill does not puddle. Our ditch fill creates a soft landing area with no puddles.

Gravel and stone as a ditch fill

We supplied a bowling club with 2 x 500kg bulk bags of our ditch fill rubber to replace their gravel ditch fill. The main reason for the swap was because although the gravel didn’t puddle, it did tend to scratch the woods a little. Another factor is that the gravel got disturbed and ended up on the green, breaking a blade on the mower. Our ditch fill rubber is light and soft, so even if it does end up under the lawn mower, it will cause no damage.

Why rubber as a ditch fill?

Our ditch fill rubber chipping is soft, durable, cheap and long-lasting. The recycled chipping from Safer Surfacing is light and very simple to install too!

How much will I need?

We have supplied many bowling greens throughout the UK and a typical green uses 2 x 500kg bulk bags. We also sell the ditch fill rubber in smaller quantities if required. Please telephone us on 01829 860600 and one of our team will be happy to help.

How is it delivered?

You can see all our delivery information here. The bulk bags arrive via a pallet network company who will use a vehicle with a tail lift on. The driver will leave them on a hard and flat surface at the most convenient location they can access. Please note that the driver cannot deliver on inclines, uneven or soft surfaces. Please call us and we can arrange a convenient place.

Can we have a sample?

By all means! If you would like a sample of our bowling green ditch fill please call or email us. We are happy to send a sample of our product to your preferred address.