Our Story

Innovators, team players, creators, we are committed to making this once redundant waste product into something useful again. After all, it has so many great properties; chop it up and ‘hey presto!’ it lets water drain efficiently from soil, it can suppress weeds, it doesn’t blow away like wood bark, and it is a soft, bouncy material perfect for cushioning falls. So we got to thinking, where would this be a useful product? In our gardens of course! But there was one last problem; what if we don’t want it to just be black? What if our Moroccan themed garden would suit Terracota borders? What if our children wanted a pirate ship play area, with blue chippings underneath for their sea? So we started experimenting with colour, trying over and over to find the right sort of system to get our rubber chips beautifully coloured, and none of that colour to come off on our little ones bright white socks! Then one day, huzah! we cracked it, and Safer Surfacing was born.

We pour our heart and soul into our work. Nothing means more to us than the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Aim

Our aim is to recycle one of the world’s toughest materials – used vehicle tyres and automotive rubber. We manufacture and sell high-quality rubber chipping products. these are innovative, useful, long-lasting and great quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and huge! To be the UK’s primary seller of recycled rubber products for use in any surfacing application. Play areas, rooftop terraces, equestrian arenas and even chicken runs. Safer Surfacing has got it covered!

Our Values

Our values are at the forefront of every action and decision we make as a company. We value our communities and the environment we work, play and live in. Our aim to reduce the amount of rubber going to incineration, and increase recycling. We are doing our bit to reduce the UK carbon footprint.

As a family-owned company, we value loyalty, honesty, integrity and hard work. We take great pride in all we do and we are proud of our excellent customer service. Feel free to get in touch with us today to see how we can help with your project.