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What are Safer Surfacing landscape products?

Here at Safer Surfacing we take one of the most difficult to dispose of materials – waste vehicle tyres. We recycle them through a process of shredding, granulating, vibrating and magnetic separation to create a range of different landscape products. these have many uses throughout the home, garden and wider community and work spaces as rubber bark, chippings and safety surfaces.

Landscape rubber chippings

With Safer Surfacing recycled rubber landscape chipping your borders, paths and patios can look colourful, bright and pleasant – even on the dullest of days!

Whether you have just moved into your new house and are looking for a quick and colourful ground cover, or if you are a seasoned gardener looking for a long lasting weed suppressant that requires no topping up, our rubber is perfect for you.

Wetpour (1-4mm rubber crumb)

Our wetpour safety surface is ideal for pathways and patios and even around swimming pools. The rubber crumb is available in 7 colours and is mixed with a polyurethane resin to create a surface that is durable, colourful and has critical fall height certification.

Landscape rubber mulch

Safer Surfacing rubber mulch is a decorative recycled rubber product made to look natural and closely resembles forest bark. It is ideally suited to laying on grass areas as well as concrete and tarmac and is often used in playgrounds and gardens because it requires minimal surface preparation and the rubber bark looks very natural. Recycled rubber mulch is available in black, brown, green and terraccota colours and can be laid as a loose fill or resin bound product.

Premium 10mm rubber chippings

Our premium recycled 10mm rubber chipping. This is ideal for landscaping projects in the garden and for commercial projects also. The premium chippings have a high quality polyurethane colour coating that lasts for years.

These chippings make an ideal alternative to gravel and are made from recycled vehicle tyres – making them an environmentally sensible choice.

Where can I use them?

Our landscape chipping and mulch can be used as a border cover in their loose fill form or even as a pathway or patio in its resin bound form. A lot of our customers use the 20mm chipping as a topping for pots and containers as it is is light, colourful and does not rot or decompose. We have supplied many roof top terraces with our loose fill landscape chipping as it is a safe, light and warm material that also acts as a good soundproofing material.

So if you are just too busy to weed, and want a weed suppressant that is light, bright and easy to lay, our landscape rubber is just right for you.

Key benefits

The Safer Surfacing landscape rubber can be laid as a loose fill material and can also be bound together using polyurethane resin to make a durable, soft (our play products all come with fall attenuation certification) and colourful walk way that is suitable for cycles and wheelchair access.

The landscape chipping are very long lasting and unlike wood chip materials, it does not decompose or blow away, so your garden area will continue looking good for years to come.
Here at Safer Surfacing we are proud to give a product that has come to the end of it working life a second use. As tyres can no longer go to landfill the alternative is incineration for fuel recovery and for use in cement production, so we do feel we are adding a level of sustainability to the environment and we are also creating a truly lovely landscape product.

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