How to make your Bonfire display sparkle with Terra Hevea

Like many people around the UK, we will be having a bonfire night party. This year the big night is on a Saturday, so it is a great time to get family and friends together to celebrate!

Adding some seasonal colour

We like to dress the place up a bit with Guy Fawkes and brightly coloured displays and have plenty of seasonal food and fizz (especially given the Great British weather!)

Fantastic food ideas

The Great British bonfire night celebration is not just about the fireworks and bonfires, but it really is a celebration of food too! This article is a great read and is filled with really delicious recipes to make your bonfire night food spectacular and you just need a bit of fizz to make the night sparkle.

Using Terra Hevea

This year we have incorporated our latest Safer Surfacing product into our party theme – Terra Hevea – it is a recycled rubber craft granule that is ideal for creating beautiful colour backgrounds for our displays. We have used them in the likes of our Halloween displays and we are already planning Christmas too!

Keeping your pets safe

At Safer Surfacing we really are a group of animal lovers and our very own Luci has written her latest blog on the benefits of equestrian ménages – so we really do care for our furry and four legged friends. This is a great piece of advice from the RSPCA on advice and welfare for animals around bonfire night.


If you are planning a display, whether in a commercial setting or just at home then why not try Terra Hevea? It is available in 10 different colours and also in handy 200g jars as well as a larger 1kilo jar.


We would love to hear your ideas and see your displays so why not get in touch today? Most of all, enjoy the night, make it colourful and fun and keep yourselves and your pets safe!

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