Creating the perfect safety base for your artificial grass

Artificial grass on resin bound base from Safer Surfacing
Safer Surfacing has installed many artificial grass projects in recent years. We have laid a resin bound rubber base to make the grass look smooth and feel soft underfoot.

Resin bound base benefits

  • You can smooth out undulations without too much preparation work
  • We glue the artificial grass to the rubber base (no lifting in the wind or curling edges to worry about)
  • No need for a wooden frame around the grass perimeter.


Installing a base for artificial grass

You can install your own resin bound base, but it depends on your skill level. Safer Surfacing uses an SBR recycled rubber chip as a base product. We would recommend a depth of 40mm to 50mm. A 50mm depth will give a critical fall height of 1.1m.
To calculate how much rubber you would need you can use our online calculator. The SBR quantity is shown in 10mm chipping on the calculator.
We mix the SBR with a resin binder in a paddle mixer. The mixed rubber is then poured into place and is levelled using a trowel or float. You can use a piece of wood batten as a depth gauge.
You can see Safer Surfacing’s YouTube video on how to lay wetpour here. This video will give you an insight on how to lay the resin bound rubber base.
We recommend that the base is left to cure for 24 hours. After this time you can lay out your artificial grass and glue into place.

Not a DIY fan?

No problem! Here at Safer Surfacing, we have a team of trained and experienced installers. from assessment to installation, our team can help you.

The end result

As you can see in this picture from one of our earlier installation – the end result is impressive. The artificial grass looks great and is long-lasting and safe!

Artificial grass close up

Get in touch

If you would like more information or a quote for a project – please just contact us here. As a small family owned business we pride ourselves on our excellent customer care!

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