Playground Kits

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Rubber chipping for safer surfacing for play areas.

The playground kits cover;

  • Medium 400 kg kit covers an area of 20 sq meters at 50mm depth
  • X-Large 600 kg kit covers an area of 30 sq meters at 50mm depth.

Kit comprises of:

    • Medium 400kg playground kit comprises of a 400kg bulk bag of economy rubber chippings and 20 sq meters of membrane
    • X-Large 600kg playground kit comprises of a 600kg bulk bag of economy rubber chippings and 30 sq meters of membrane

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We make our rubber chippings by recycling used vehicle tyres. These are then polyurethane sealed and coloured. This creates a high quality coloured rubber chip that is safe, clean and hard wearing.

The rubber chippings are quick drying and being permeable, there is no risk of puddling. This means more play time for your children!

Our long-lasting chippings last for many years. As a multi-use material, you can reuse them as a border mulch once the children have outgrown playing.

Don't need a kit? Try our playground economy rubber chippings.

*For a true representation of colour contact us for a free sample*

Our rubber surfacing is a minimum 99% wire free. Our state of the art recycling and manufacturing facility has been developed to process huge volumes of rubber through stringent controls including high powered magnets. Please be aware you may find the occasional foreign object which has slipped through the process. This may consist of wire or tyre valves which can easily be hand picked and disposed of when laying the surface. With this in mind we advise wearing gloves when installing the surface and that like with all wood bark and other play surfacing children do not play on the surfacing without shoes.