Play Rubber Chippings Green


Playground Economy Rubber Chippings for safe surfacing.
A long lasting product and a great alternative to wood bark.

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Rubber safety surfacing absorbs the shock of a fall better than most materials on the market today. Independently tested to meet BS EN:1177:2008 standard.

Manufactured by Safer Surfacing in the UK, our playground rubber chippings are made from 100% recycled tyres. The tyres are cleaned, shredded and the wire removed before being coated with a polyurethane colour coating which seals the colour around the chip for a long lasting result.

Average size of chipping 8-20mm.

*For a true representation of colour click here for a free sample*

Please note this is a recycled product. Colours can vary batch to batch. If you are completing a large project we recommend you order as much as you need to complete the project to maintain consistent colouring.

We package in recycled bulk bags and as a result they may be a different size to those shown in pictures, the amount of material will always be to the correct weight.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent safety certification for domestic and school play
  • Retains warmth and dries quickly
  • Does not rot or decompose
  • Does not blow away
  • Inert and non-toxic
  • Require no annual topping up
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Keeps colour for many years
  • Can be easily hosed and brushed to remove dirt
Our rubber surfacing is a minimum 99% wire free. Our state of the art recycling and manufacturing facility has been developed to process huge volumes of rubber through stringent controls including high powered magnets. Please be aware you may find the occasional foreign object which has slipped through the process. This may consist of wire or tyre valves which can easily be hand picked and disposed of when laying the surface. With this in mind we advise wearing gloves when installing the surface and that like with all wood bark and other play surfacing children do not play on the surfacing without shoes.