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A blog on equestrian arenas – by Luci, our resident equestrian expert!

Although having an equestrian arena isn’t the most important thing when it comes to owning horses, it is a very useful tool which has come to be a staple part of many equestrians’ daily routine. With the correct foundations and the right surface, a good

Rubber mulch – the Daily Mile solution!

With the latest round of sports premium being available this month, many schools are thinking about the optimal way of implementing it. With outdoor play being so fundamental in a child’s overall development, investing in a usable year-round outdoor surface is ideal. This blog via

Rubber chippings – what size do they come in?

Here at Safer Surfacing we manufacture rubber chippings from used vehicle tyres. We have led the way on this for over 15 years! One of the most frequently asked questions is: What size bags do they come in? This blog aims to answer that succinctly.

Making your garden play area safe and colourful!

Safer Surfacing make outdoor play and gardening safe, simple and colourful! Our rubber chippings have a range of uses from making play safe to making gardens beautiful.     Outdoor play is important for children and we know how changeable the British weather can be!

Resin bound rubber mulch from Safer Surfacing

Rubber mulch for resin bound surfacing Our best seller for gardens, playgrounds and parks! The rubber mulch for resin bound surfacing has proved really popular and we think we know why! Minimal surface preparation You know what the good old British weather is like! Minimal

Creating the perfect safety base for your artificial grass

Safer Surfacing has installed many artificial grass projects in recent years. We have laid a resin bound rubber base to make the grass look smooth and feel soft underfoot.   Resin bound base benefits   All resin bound rubber comes with a critical fall height

Chicken run rubber – happy feet for chickens!

Ok – we know that Happy Feet is all about penguins, but here at Safer Surfacing, we think that your chickens deserve happy feet too! Chicken run rubber does the job! Our rubber chippings are used as a safe, clean and colourful alternative to chicken

Adding a splash of colour to our meeting room floor with wetpour

Bringing colour into the office Here at Safer Surfacing we try our best to practice what we preach. With this in mind we wanted to tidy up our second meeting room, to make it an immersive experience for all. Team Safer decided that we would

Make your garden stand out with recycled rubber bark

Autumn has it’s own colour swatch Autumn tends to be bathed in rich gold, brown, terracotta and deep red colours. Unfortunately, this hue of colour doesn’t always extend to your typical garden border. Are your borders a bit jaded? Do you have a patch of

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