Why we #Revalue

Why we #Revalue

Why we #Revalue

I’m a big fan of Simon Sinec, his #TedTalk on “Start with why” is inspirational.

Safer Surfacing is a recycling and manufacturing team, who make really handy recycled rubber products for the play, landscape and construction sectors (amongst many others). We think we do a great job (obviously!). The thing is, this paragraph simply states what we do.

We know our onions, especially in relation to making good things from waste. We know the recycling industry and how to make machines and processes that change waste into a product. We’ve even developed bespoke systems to tackle some of the worlds hardest to dispose of materials.

So we can talk at length about what we recycle and how we do it, but what about why?

Why we #Revalue

Items are no longer second hand, they are ‘pre-loved’. Products, cars and clothes are no longer old, they are ‘vintage’ or ‘shabby chic’…

When an item or product comes to the end of its working life it is discarded and becomes waste. End of life tyres (an estimated 100,000 per day in the UK alone) simply cannot be ignored. They can be baled and shipped abroad for incineration or landfill. But what if we can #Revalue them?

Giving waste material the opportunity to become something useful again through repurposing, recycling and material separation should surely be the first consideration?

Our passion and drive lie in educating our team, the community and wider society about why we should all think of waste in a slightly different way.  In today’s fast-paced, disposable society waste is essentially something that is no longer wanted, rather than something that is no longer fit for use.

We treat waste as a potential raw material that can be worked and reconstructed into a product that meets a specific community or society need. We don’t just recycle, we revalue.

This is our why.