Wetpour surfacing and wet weather

Wetpour surfacing and wet weather

Wetpour surfacing and wet weather

Wet Pour

Wet pour is term used in the surfacing industry to describe how the surface is actually laid. At Safer Surfacing we like to keep things simple. Our wet pour surface consists of our recycled rubber crumbs (1mm to 4mm in size) bound together using a polyurethane resin. The entire mixing and laying process happens on site by our team of professional installers. This results in a solid and flexible cushion surface that can be formed into different shapes and patterns.

Wetpour example

Wet Pour using 20mm chipping

We also have a fully certified 20mm chippings surface that can be laid as a wet pour surface and this is an excellent surface for play areas, paths and driveways too.

20mm chipping in business park

Autumn and winter

As the summer season is slowly drawing to a close, laying a wet pour surface is not always possible in longer periods of rain, or in colder conditions. That said, we have seen weather conditions that allow us to lay well into the winter months.

Are you considering a wet pour surface installation?

If you are considering a wet pour surface installation, you need to consider the planning element of your project. A typical playground surface for example will take between 3 and 5 days to complete. We need dry conditions to complete the mixing, laying and curing stages of the project – so you do need to consider this in the project planning.

Loose chippings as an affordable option

As an effective, and cost-saving alternative you can use our fully certified loose rubber chippings to provide a colourful and safe surface. Rubber chippings are very simple to lay and can be used as a safety surface for play areas and also as a fantastic decorative mulch for garden borders and paths.

Loose fill 20mm chipping

More information

If you would like some further information about our safer surfacing products then please do get in touch. As an experienced team we are always happy to help in all aspects of your project from concept through to commissioning.