Transforming outdoor play with our recycled rubber wetpour

Transforming outdoor play with our recycled rubber wetpour

Our latest wetpour project

We were asked by a local Day Nursery to see if we could cheer up their tired and patchy playground area. The play area had been well used and was showing signs of wear and tear, and just needed a fresh new safety surface for the children to learn and explore with outdoor play.

The existing surface was removed and sent for recycling.


The brief

Our client asked  us if they could have a terracotta wetpour surface with some blue splashes in. The reason for this is that they wanted to encourage outdoor play and to stimulate the children’s’ imagination. They wanted the old surface removing and disposing of.

This was not a problem or us as we were able to remove the old rubber surface and send it for recycling via granulation into a rubber sub-base material that will be reused in equestrian arena surfacing. This, in effect, stopped several tonnes of used rubber being sent for incineration, thus reducing the environmental impact of the project.

The process

After we had removed the old surface we laid a rubber sub-base over the entire area, and then set about freeform creating the blue splashes. This was left to cure overnight.

The next stage was to mix the Terracotta wetpour and apply it over the entire play area. This is made in a large mixer onsite and then trowel applied in-situ. We then finish off the surface by applying pressure with a roller to the wetpour to create a smooth, level and well compacted surface.

The finished result looks really good! The client was very pleased with the end result and found the entire process to be simple and effective.

The installation project took just 3 days from removal of the old surface to completion of the new one.


If you think your play area could benefit from a new safety surface why not get in touch? We are always on hand to help you through the process.

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Hannah Jones

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