Safer Surfacing sponsors Chester Zoo

Safer Surfacing sponsors Chester Zoo

Safer Surfacing have committed to being a sponsor of Chester Zoo. Because of our equestrian interest, we have opted to sponsor the Onager – which is the rarest equid species in the world.

We have also agreed to make a donation for equestrian sale to the ‘Living with Tigers’ programme. This is aimed at helping large cats and rural farmers coexist through the creation of tiger-friendly enclosures for farm animals.

What is an Onager?

The Onager:

  • The onager is the rarest equid species in the world
  • Only 5-600 left in the wild
  • Onagers are listed as critically endangered
  • They are one of the fasted horse breeds in the world with a top speed of 70kmh
  • Onagers are native to Asia and live in the hot and cold deserts and arid regions of Iran, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, and China
  • Has recently been introduced to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Israel.

Why Chester Zoo?

We fully appreciate that there are many very worthy charities in the UK and even in our own locality of Cheshire. Chester Zoo is passionate about conservation, they are local to us and have an excellent recycling record. Being part of the work that Chester Zoo carry out is a privilege for us.

Why Equestrian based sponsorship?

Being able to sponsor the Onagers fitted in really well with us because we are manufacturers of equestrian rubber for use in menages and arenas. A passion for equestrianism runs right through the family-owned business.          

furthermore, we have also committed to supporting Chester Zoo’s initiative of “Living with tigers’ project.

So Safer Surfacing has committed to making a donation to this project for every equestrian sale that we make. Furthermore, this small effort from Safer Surfacing will help to implement practical measures to improve the safety of people and livestock in Nepal and beyond – which will result in an increased ‘big cat’ population.

What does Safer Surfacing get from this?

Finally, we take genuine pride and satisfaction that we are helping a truly worthwhile cause based in our local community. In addition, because we have the opportunity to attend a series of exclusive networking events held at Chester Zoo. Therefore we are helping a worthwhile cause, coupled with some fantastic networking opportunities.

Hannah Jones

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