Rubber chippings – what size do they come in?

Rubber chippings – what size do they come in?

Rubber chippings – what size do they come in?

Here at Safer Surfacing we manufacture rubber chippings from used vehicle tyres. We have led the way on this for over 15 years!

One of the most frequently asked questions is:

What size bags do they come in?

This blog aims to answer that succinctly.

Our customers range massively:

  • Families looking to make their play area safe
  • Gardeners looking to make their borders more colourful and easier to maintain
  • Bowling green clubs looking for a safe, long-lasting and light weight ditch fill
  • Equestrian arena topping that doesn’t freeze, rot or blow away
  • Chicken keepers looking for a colourful, warm and easy to clean surface for their coops and runs
  • Playground installers looking for a recycled and cost effective alternative to EPDM
  • Large landscaping companies looking for a long-lasting alternative to wood chip or gravel
  • Schools, parks and day nurseries looking for a range of critical fall height certified play surfaces
  • Amusement parks, holiday parks and tourist attractions looking to make play safe.

With this huge range of customers all wanting our range of rubber chippings products in a variety of sizes and formats we created the following delivery options. These range from an easy to handle 20kg bag up to a walking floor lorry able to deliver 27,000 kg in one go!

Our shipping size range

20kg Poly bag

The smallest bag available is the 20kg polythene bag. This is used for our 20mm rubber chipping and rubber mulch for landscape and play areas. We also use this size for the chicken run chippings too!

We ship any of our rubber chippings orders in 20kg bags up to 300kg in weight. All orders that are for a resin bound surface projects are also in 20kg bags.

20kg poly bag of recycled rubber chippings

300kg bulk bag

This is the smallest bulk bag we provide. A 300kg bulk bag of our 20mm rubber chippings will cover 15 square metres to a 50mm depth.

300kg bulk bag of recycled rubber chippings

400kg bulk bag

The 400kg bulk bag of 20mm rubber chippings will cover 20 square metres to a depth of 50mm.

400kg bulk bag of recycled rubber chippings

500kg bulk bag

This is our most popular size bulk bag. 500kg of 20mm rubber chippings will cover 25 square metres to a depth of 50mm.

500kg bulk bag of recycled rubber chippings

600kg bulk bag

This is available for our 20mm chipping and our rubber mulch. This will cover 30 square metres at 50mm depth.

600kg bulk bag of recycled rubber chippings

We also provide a 500kg bulk bag of bowling green ditch fill rubber chipping and a 750kg bulk bag of equestrian automotive rubber.

Bulk loads

For larger scale orders of our 20mm chipping or our automotive rubber chipping we can deliver in anything from a 6 wheel tipper up to a 27 tonne walking floor articulated lorry. We use third party hauliers, so we will always look for the best cost option available.

Rubber chippings range

You can see our wide range of products by clicking on our shop page!

You can also calculate just how much you need by using our handy area calculator. If you need any more help then please call 0151 357 1391 or use our handy Contact Us form here.