Keeping your chickens warm with rubber chippings

Keeping your chickens warm with rubber chippings

Keeping your chickens warm with rubber chippings
As we are in the midst of a cold spell here’s a tip to help keep your chickens warm and dry, by using our recycled rubber chippings for your chicken run.

Rubber chippings for chickens

Using our rubber chippings on the surface of your pen ensures the chickens are not stood on frozen flooring. The chippings are approximately 20mm in size and the colour coating does not run or stain. The sturdy nature of the chippings also allows for plenty of brushing, hosing, and general chicken scratching. You won’t need to worry about annual topping up!
Rubber chippings for chicken runs
The rubber will not freeze until around -6 degrees and does not hold on to moisture. 
The rubber comes in seven colours which add a splash of colour to your chicken run. You can mix and match your colours too!

Chicken run chippings colours

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Terracotta
  • Plum
  • Gree
  • Plum
The rubber chippings keep heat so even on the coldest of days the rubber will be warmer than the ground.
Chicken run chippings in blue

Key benefits

Our rubber chippings provide an excellent surface for your runs because:
  • Our rubber chippings do not rot
  • They do not blow away
  • The chippings do not hold moisture
  • Rubber chippings dry very quickly
  • The chippings are easy to clean
  • Rubber chippings are hygienic
  • They are really colourful.

Chicken Run Rubber

how much do I need?

A 20kg bag of our recycled rubber chippings will cover approximately one square meter at a depth of 50mm.

Happy chickens means happy customers

We have many happy customers who have very kindly left us feedback on our website and on our Facebook page. If you would like a free sample then please do get in touch and we will send one out for you.