How we gave a family their garden back!

How we gave a family their garden back!

How we gave a family their garden back!

What do you do with a big ugly concrete base in your garden?

This was a question that one of our lovely customers faced recently. A large cattery had once stood in the garden and it was decided that it needed to be removed as it was no longer in use.

The issue they were faced with once the structure had been removed was the fact that a large, grey and unsightly concrete base remained. They had absolutely no use for it and no appetite to break it up and remove it.

Concrete slab prior to landscaping

Safer Surfacing to the rescue!

With removing the base no being an option we decided to see what we could do to make this a usable and aesthetically pleasing area of the garden. We decided that we would create a safe, visually appealing and year round garden area.

Due to the wonderful Great British weather we started from the point that the solution needed to be free draining and able to take 365 day usage. With this in mind we created a framed area around the edge of the base, which gave the area a nice edge and also a great frame for us to add  a drainage channel (no puddles!!).

Drainage channel with 20mm chipping


We then applied a 50mm base of our recycled rubber chippings bound together with a resin to create a firm but flexible sub-base.

20mm chipping base layer


On top of this base we glued a high quality and affordable artificial grass as this was the best material for year round use, low maintenance and it was a sympathetic fit with the rest of the garden landscape.

Resin binding artificial grass


Inspired by our concept and design, our client ordered themselves a lovely outdoor hot tub to create the perfect relaxing party space they always wanted. We then created another recycled rubber chip base and topped this with our 20mm wet pour for the patio furniture, the end result looks stunning!

Putting the Safe in Safer Surfacing!

One of the key benefits that this project has, is that due to the construction method and our recycled products, the area now has a critical fall height certificate. So we created a beautiful, usable, durable and safe area! That is why we are called Safer Surfacing!

The end result


We have created a beautiful and relaxing outdoor party area that can be used every day of the year, with virtually no maintenance or effort. The ugly concrete base is banished to history and in it’s place is an area that adds real financial value to the property. Our solution was inventive, affordable and quick to achieve!

To find out about how we might be able to hep you why not get in touch?

family garden area landscaped