Garden landscaping with recycled rubber chippings

Garden landscaping with recycled rubber chippings

Garden landscaping with recycled rubber chippings

Recycled rubber bark for garden landscaping

Are your borders a bit jaded? Do you have a patch of garden that needs a boost? Could you enjoy a soft, safe and decorative rubber path? Have you considered using a recycled rubber product?
Safer Surfacing makes a range of chipping and rubber bark as a ground cover alternative. Using these chippings not only brightens up dull areas; it also helps the environment.

Recycling for reuse

We have developed the 20mm chippings for a range of areas. These include garden landscaping, play areas and even chicken runs. By using the chipping in these areas we are helping to give a new lease of life to used vehicle tyres.
Over 100,000 tyres come to the end of their working life every single day in  Great Britain! Safer Surfacing has committed to recycling and repurposing as many as we can. We create a range of rubber chippings, including our fantastic

20mm chipping

This innovative product gives your garden a splash of colour. The chippings also act as a weed suppressant and provide plenty of warmth for your plants and roots. The chippings are free draining and absorb the suns warmth. They also last much longer than traditional wood bark!
The chippings can be bound together using resin to make a permanent surface. You can install them over almost any surface and are ideal for pathways, play areas and around tree roots.

20mm recycled rubber chipping

20mm grey chipping

In use as a border mulch


20mm chipping in border

Rubber Mulch

Our recycled rubber mulch or bark is an ideal border cover as it looks like a natural forest pine surface. The major benefit is that it doesn’t rot, blow away or degrade. This means you have years and years of ground cover with little or no maintenance.

Recycled rubber bark as a ground cover

Resin bound rubber bark

The recycled rubber bark is also ideal as a bonded surface. You can mix the mulch with a polyurethane resin to create a colourful, safe and permanent surface. It is ideal for covering grass, roots, soil and even concrete and tarmac.

resin bonded rubber bark as a playground safety surface

Recycled rubber bark play surface

10mm premium rubber chipping

Our 10mm premium rubber chipping is completely fibre free and is manufactured from a dense rubber. We use our polyurethane colour system, and the chipping is the best we have ever coloured!

Terracotta 10mm  premium chipping as a landscape material

10mm premium chippings

Key benefits

Unlike the traditional wood bark, our rubber chipping product range:

  • Do not rot or decompose
  • Do not blow away
  • Chippings dry quickly
  • They retain heat
  • Is a great weed suppressant
  • Hold their colour and shape
  • Make ideal planter topping
  • They are really long lasting.

Using Safer Surfacing’s recycled chippings as a landscape garden mulch helps the environment and your garden. By using them you are adding a splash of long-lasting colour to your garden.

You can see all of our products and their costs here. Or contact us for more information.