Day Nursery Play Surfaces

Day Nursery Play Surfaces

Day Nursery Play Surfaces


Our client asked us to remove their existing play surface – which was worn out, bland and unattractive. The original surface had rubber tiles to cover holes in it, which created trip hazards.  They wanted a new play surface that was safe, colourful and recycled. Terracotta resin bound crumb with blue splashes was selected as the play surface.


As a responsible recycler we ripped up the old play surface and granulated it down so that it could be reused in Safer surfacing equestrian rubber. We then applied a sub-base coat in uncoloured 4-20mm chipping as this provides the fall attenuation element of the surface. The next stage was to create the blue splashes around the playground.

Finally, we applied the top coat in terracotta crumb. The whole process from ripping up to completion took just three days and the client was delighted with the outcome.


The new playground is safe, colourful and very well used by the children and staff. The colours really stand out against the surroundings.

The children can play on the new surface all year round because there is no puddling dips in the finish.