Chester Zoo Play Area Surfacing by Safer Surfacing

Chester Zoo Play Area Surfacing by Safer Surfacing

Chester Zoo Play Area Surfacing by Safer Surfacing

Chester Zoo Round 2!

Chester Zoo Play Area Surfacing by Safer Surfacing. After supplying Chester Zoo with the rubber chipping surfacing for their brand new Madagascar PLAY! area back in 2017, we were delighted when they contacted us for a ‘top up’ on their green, brown and terracotta loose fill rubber chippings! 

Madagascar PLAY!


The Chester Zoo play area Madagascar PLAY! is an extremely popular play space. The area was inspired by the important region of Madagascar and the conservation work the zoo is doing to save wildlife there. Children use play to learn through having fun and discovering things for themselves, as well as it being important for well-being.  

The Chester Zoo play area Madagascar PLAY! includes a baobab tree and slide, a spider web net and tree-top hideaways. 

Safer Surfacing for Play Areas 

Our loose fill recycled rubber chippings are the ideal solution for safety and durability. The rubber chippings are polyurethane coated so there is no transfer of dust onto clothes and skin. The colour lasts for many years outdoors without fading. This was the ideal solution for Chester Zoo. The rubber arrives in bulk bags.

The bags are split and the material scooped out. Using wheel barrows, the rubber is moved into place and tipped. 

The chippings are then raked into position all around the climbing frames, spider webs, trim trails and slides.

Revalue waste

Safer Surfacing has supplied a total of 87000 kilos of recycled rubber chippings to Chester Zoo. 

That’s about 17500 tyres given a new life as a safety surface after finishing their use on cars in the North West. Those tyres will have driven approximately 350 million miles on the roads in and around Chester! Now they are being used again as a new product making them an environmentally sound choice. Safer Surfacing believes that all waste should be reused and revalued to protect our planet! That’s why we work hard creating exciting products for landscaping, play areas, equestrian arenas, bowling green ditches, chicken runs and lots more, all from recycled vehicle tyres. 

Make sure you head to Chester Zoo soon for a fantastic day out that supports one of our favourite charities, and see the rubber chippings in action for yourself!

Hannah Jones

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