Ain’t no party like a hen party!

Ain’t no party like a hen party!

Ain’t no party like a hen party!

We recently sent one of our longstanding customers another batch of chicken run rubber for her beloved hens. Donna is a passionate animal lover and champions animal rights and welfare. Her hens are absolutely lovely, and their chicken run home is beautiful too.

The Pumpkin party

Donna recently treated her hens to a fantastic pumpkin party and very kindly sent us some pictures!

Chicken run recycled rubber

As a small family owned business we are always looking for feedback. We asked Donna to let us know how she found the new website and our chicken run chipping:
Thanks for the speedy delivery! Couldn’t believe it!  The new site looks great, very easy to navigate round, good pictures and using PayPal always makes life easy.
I’m all up for endorsing the best possible products for people to provide their hens with.
We were delighted that Donna had chosen our product again!
Hen run with recycled rubber chipping

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe?
    • All of our recycled rubber chipping products are inert and non-toxic so will pass through if ingested
    • Because they are an inert material they do not attract spores and do not rot or decompose
    • Because it is a warm material it is very kind underfoot in winter and muddy conditions
  • Do the hens eat the rubber?
    • Hens really are intelligent animals and will test to see if something is palatable. They do like having a good scratch in it though!
  • Will the colour wash off?
    • The colours are all sealed, so they will last for many years. The chippings are also free from dust because of the colour seal
  • How do you clean it?
    • Because the chippings are made from recycled rubber they retain warmth which allows any mess or mud to dry. This can then be hosed or brushed off.
  • I only have a small run, how much do I need?
    • Here’s a handy area calculator that you can use. We also ship the chippings in handy 20kg poly bags (20kg will cover 1m2 at 50mm depth). alternatively, we supply larger orders in bulk bags – whichever works best for you and your chickens.

Having a good old scratch around

Hen scratching recycled rubber chipping for chickens

If you would like a free sample please just get in touch!

By purchasing our products you are not only creating a warm and colourful surface for your hens, you are also helping to find a reuse for one of the most difficult to dispose of materials – used vehicle tyres.

Hannah Jones

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